Battlefield: already gameplay for the next license game

Battlefield: already gameplay for the next license game

While Battlefield 2042 is still in the sauce, the license continues on its way. The next episode of the series has even leaked some gameplay already, but it’s not quite what everyone was hoping for…

If EA and DICE are already thinking about after Battlefield 2042, another game will come to play snacks while waiting for the next big piece. And it’s on mobile that it’s happening.

Battlefield Mobile makes the powder talk

Like Call of Duty, Fortnite, PUBG and other successful shooters, Battlefield will soon have the right to its mobile version and the latter has already revealed several gameplay sequences.

Currently, the title’s closed beta is in full swing in a handful of countries such as Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia, and players have taken the opportunity to share gameplay. Battlefield Mobile will feature the main game modes of the license such as Conquest and Rush mode, as well as iconic maps of the license, including Noshahr Canals and Grand Bazaar of Battlefield 3. Many weapons will also return, as will vehicles and scenery destruction. Everything that has been the salt of the license for years in short.

A release for 2023?

For now, Battlefield Mobile is expected by the beginning of 2023. But as EA clearly indicates, everything will depend on the testing phases and the progress of balancing.

We want to make sure the game can have a smooth launch and a closed beta phase that it needs to adjust and balance before release.

At the same time, EA is trying everything to save Battlefield 2042, shunned by the players in favor of its big brothers. The publisher has therefore teamed up with Microsoft to share its game on the Xbox Game Pass via its EA Play program. For its part, DICE updates the game regularly and does not hesitate to review all of its cards little by little.

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