Battlefield: a big single-player game from the co-creator ofHalo

Battlefield: a big single-player game from the co-creator ofHalo

EA has announced the name of the new Battlefield studio: Ridgeline Games. Led by Marcus Lehto, known for the Xbox franchise Halohe will be in charge of developing a single-player campaign.

Battlefield 2042 is holding its own and is still not dead, but the image of the license has still been tarnished. Not to mention all the departures in shambles. And to raise the bar, EA has opened a new studio, the first details of which have just arrived.

The co-creator ofHalo on a single-player Battlefield campaign

After the failure of Disintegration, Marcus Lehto, co-creator ofHalo, found refuge with Electronic Arts and not just anyhow. He took on the roles of boss and game director of a new studio. It is officially called Ridgeline Games. His mission ? Focus on the narrative dimension of the franchise that EA wants to push.

Marcus Lehto and his colleagues will even have the delicate task of reviving this aspect with a single player campaign in the universe of BF. An autonomous solo? A campaign within the next multiplayer opus? The answer is not for now.

It’s a great honor to have the opportunity to collaborate with DICE as well as Ripple Effect and to be tasked with expanding what’s possible in terms of storytelling, story and character development in the series. Battlefield.

Marcus Lehto, game director and boss of Ridgeline Games.

BF Licensing Director Vince Zampella talks about the global future of intellectual property.

We continue to invest in the future of the franchise by bringing in new talent and new perspectives. With Marcus and his Ridgeline Games team joining the world-class team already in place, Battlefield is in the best position to succeed.

Vince Zampella, head of BF.

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