Battlefield 7 will have an “exceptional” single-player campaign

The next Battlefield 7 is already in development and should learn from the mistakes of BF 2042. The co-creator ofHalo wants to give players a single-player campaign they will remember.

Despite the facade talk, Battlefield 2042 would be almost disconnected internally with a small team in charge. And this to think only of the future of the franchise which will be written with Battlefield 7. An episode which will not ignore the solo.

Design a sensational solo for Battlefield 7

Battlefield 7 doesn’t want to be a flop like BF 2042. And it will have a single-player campaign that aims for “outstanding” quality. Which is kind of funny considering EA openly poked fun at single-player games very recently.

This information comes from a new job offer (via VGC) and concerns the Seattle studio, a structure founded by Marc Letho, the co-creator ofHalowhich partly has the fate of the series in its hands.

Battlefield Seattle is focused on creating rich and engaging stories, with memorable characters and powerful experiences, all within the Battlefield universe. Your job is to take the fundamentals of the BF franchise and make sure they mesh with all layers of a masterfully crafted single-player campaign. You’ll grow the studio’s design team and culture, and create an amazing campaign.

What we know about BF7

Battlefield 7 is already making headlines as Season 1 of BF 2042 is underway.

According to Tom Henderson via Xfire, EA learned the lessons of Battlefield 2042 and should not reproduce them with Battlefield 7. Indeed, some changes would not be carried over. For example, the 128-player mode could be scrapped. A fine admission of failure since BF 2042 was initially to be a model to follow for all future opuses.

BF7 is also expected to still take place in a modern or near future setting. For its part, DICE declared to be totally focused on the series and absolutely nothing else. So no Mirror’s Edge 3.

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