Battlefield 2042 is not dead and adds a highly requested feature

EA intends to save Battlefield 2042 from sinking. While the FPS was at the bottom of the hole a few months ago, the saving update allowed it to bring back several players. And the American publisher intends to retain them with great blows of novelties.

The return of classes in Battlefield 2042

The complete overhaul of Battlefield 2042 continues. For several months now, the game has been entitled to several large patches which are almost always accompanied by major changes. And the next update will bring the long-awaited return of classes. The players had indeed not been convinced by the specialist system introduced in BF 2042. In fact, DICE will merge the two systems together. Characters and equipment will therefore be categorized, but specialists will be rebalanced and divided into classes (Assault, Engineer, Medic, Scout).

While it will still be possible to choose weapons and accessories independently of the character, certain tactical equipment will be reserved for certain classes. Ammunition crates for Engineers, healing crates for Medics and beacons for Scouts. DICE hopes this will strengthen teamwork. It is for this same reason that the developer had reduced the size of the maps of BF 2042. However, we will have to wait for a later patch to discover all this in action. The return of classes will not happen immediately, it will be necessary to wait until season 3 of Battlfield 2042.

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