Battlefield 2042: is not about to die! Promising content has leaked

Battlefield 2042: is not about to die! Promising content has leaked

Once again, an insider gives advance information on a game that is published by Electronic Arts. This is Battlefield 2042 and the Informant Tom Henderson that we no longer present and which becomes a customary fact when it comes to the FPS saga.

Season 3 of Battlefield 2042 gets a date and content

Thus, he specifies that sources who have access to EA’s internal release schedule, have confirmed that Season 3 of Battlefield 2042 will be launched on November 22, 2022. This update is called 3.2 and it should be an important step in the redesign of the game. EA had also specified in this regard:

We’ve started working on a massive overhaul of how you’ll play with Specialists. It’s a big undertaking for us, and while this job won’t feature in Season 2, we expect it to feature in Season 3 later this year. Currently, we’re aiming to have this go live in the 3.2 update, but as we work through the changes and incorporate more feedback, we’ll be in the best position to let you know if we can fix it. arrive earlier in the season.

And it is precisely this Battlefield 2042 update 3.2 which is due out on November 22. In the aftermath, Henderson clarified that the update should also include:

  • 1 new map
  • 1 new specialist
  • 1 new Battle Pass
  • New weapons
  • New vehicles

It’s nice to see after a more than chaotic launch and a game with a lot of flaws. According to community feedback, like a fine wine, Battlefield 2042 is getting better with time

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