Battlefield 2042 is a “very good game now” according to the developers

Battlefield 2042 is a "very good game now" according to the developers

According to DICE, Battlefield 2042 has finally reached a level where it can be called a “really good game”. A bright future for the franchise? The various studios assigned to the license believe in it.

Has Battlefield 2042 finally risen? It may be said quickly, especially since a lot of players have preferred to return to old games, but DICE is proud of the current state of this episode.

Has Battlefield 2042 become a very good game?

In any case, this is what two developers of Battlefield 2042. For them, the work done in recent months has been relevant enough for the studio to finally be a little proud and want to expand the gaming community.

The game is there, the quality too, so much so that the team wants to bring other players on it… We’re there. I think that’s a good point for us. Battlefield 2042 is a very good game now.

And we weren’t there at the start. We didn’t think it was fair to bring new players back to a game where the experience wasn’t what it was supposed to be. However, at the level of the live-service dimension, we want to do more. We want this game to be better.

Ryan McArthursenior producer at DICE, via PCGamer.

After blaming COVID or Halo Infinite, one of the producers, Nika Bender, honestly concedes that the “launch was not easy”. Same story for Alexia Christofi who believes like her colleagues that the new direction of Battlefield 2042 is the right one.

We are pleased with the direction the game has taken, and continues to take. And we don’t just want to demonstrate that with words. We want people to jump into it and play it to see if they’re like, ‘Oh, okay, actually, that’s not at all what I expected based on internet research or other ”

For the future, BF 2042 still intends to reorganize for what will perhaps be a promising return to basics.

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