Battlefield 2042 has killed the license or is a return still possible? We have a track

Battlefield is in bad shape, but is the license really dead after the bitter failure of Battlefield 2042 or is a rescue still possible? What does EA intend to do with its franchise and how can the license get out of it? We have a few leads.

Battlefield 2042 is a failure. That’s a fact. The game failed to meet EA’s goals or find its audience. Although not everything is to be thrown away, the game is far too different from the rest of the saga and made game design choices that clearly did not please fans of the series. At the exit, the disappointment is great.

Battlefield 2042, the cold shower

So great that players quickly left the game in favor of Battlefield 1 and Battlefield V released years before. On Steam, this is unheard of for a game in the series. The number of players literally collapsed overnight without ever really managing to recover, although today we note a new breakthrough following the launch of season 3 and the announcement of a whole bunch of new features promising.

But despite this new impetus, the license is in turmoil, one knee to the ground. The studios working on 2042, headed by DICE, are doing their utmost to straighten the bar and save the tub. One thing is sure, Battlefield got lost along the way by wanting to change the spirit of the license too much and there is nothing left to do but to make an inevitable return to basics. Something that the developers have understood and that they now intend to apply to Battlefield 2042but not only.

Battlefield 2042 figures
On the left, the ranking of the games. On the right are Battlefield 2042’s numbers over the past year – Source Steam Charts

All is not lost

During his last post regarding the next updates of Battlefield 2042, DICE also made mention of the future of the entire series. The developers say they are attentive and listening to the community to gradually build THE ultimate Battlefield and guarantee a bright future for the license.

Battlefield 2042 prepares the future of a franchise for which we give everything. We’ll continue to listen, learn from you, and update you on the work being done at DICE, Industrial Toys, Ripple Effect Studios, and Ridgeline Studios for all current and future Battlefield experiences.

This is not surprising news insofar as it had already been said that Battlefield 2042 was to redraw the contours of the license and serve as a basis for future episodes. And it seems to still be the case, although the developers have to start almost from scratch, and even look back to the origins of the saga.

EA still sees things big for its license and had even teased a possible extended universe. We were told then about a whole bunch of experiences, of a world where there would be narrative Battlefield games, etc. According to the most recent rumors, a good part of the developers are already working on the after Battlefield 2042.
While the game isn’t dead and buried yet, EA wants to move on fairly quickly by experimenting with 2042 a little more. All while using valuable community feedback to cook up the ultimate game fans have been waiting for.

For the time being, we know absolutely nothing about the projects in progress and all eyes are still riveted on 2042 which tries somehow to keep its head above water.
Then a name comes to mind: bad company.

Battlefield 2042 has killed the license or is a return still possible? We have a track
It’s in the old jars…

A Bad Company 3 to restore the image?

What if the license came back with great fanfare with a Bad Company 3? It’s a track that’s hard not to think about.
EA and DICE are in doubt, think that it is necessary to backpedal to save the franchise and Bad Company 2 released in 2010 is undoubtedly one of the most appreciated games of the series. And then, a new Bad Company would also be the ideal opportunity to highlight strong characters with strong characters, as at the time, and could therefore satisfy EA’s thirst for narration, which obviously does not wish to be confined to limits of multiplayer, core Battlefield experience.
A bad company 3 could therefore make everyone agree and there is no doubt that internally, the subject had to be addressed. We have the right to dream, right?

No matter what path EA takes, no matter what the developers intend to do, what is certain is that the next Battlefield game will have to work hard to sign a real comeback of the license.

And you? What do you hope for the franchise?

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