Battlefield 2042: a promising return to basics after its total failure

It’s definitely one of the biggest disappointments of 2021, Battlefield 2042 completely missed its launch and fans literally felt betrayed. But the developers have not said their last word.

After being shaken up in all directions, and deserted by its players, Battlefield 2042 has finally found its way: the overhaul of its experience and a return to its roots

For several months now, DICE and all the studios on the project have been working hard to retype the cards one by one, rebalance the game as a whole and add new content over the course of its seasons.
As 2022 draws to a close and Season 3 is underway, Battlefield 2042 tells us about its redesign and the big changes coming in 2023.

Battlefield 2042 takes a peek into the retro

The first of the big and very good news is undoubtedly the confirmed return of the classic Battlefield classes. Whereas BF 2042 relied on a system of specialists à la Rainbow Six Siege, the players clearly did not see this mechanism in a good light, quite the contrary. Many have found that the entire soul of the license was trashed here in favor of a feature that ultimately does not add much.
After many attempts to rebalance its specialists, Battlefield 2042 will finally make a real return to its roots next year.

During seasons 4 and 5, BF 2042 intends to reorganize its specialties by placing them in classic classes of the license: Scout, Assault, Doctor, Engineer…
Objects, gadgets, weapons and other accessories will then be turned upside down to stick to this new class system. The developers have not given more details for the moment, but will come back to it in the coming months.

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In parallel, DICE claims that season 4 will be the last to feature a specialist. After that, there will be no new characters added to the game.

Battlefield class 2042

An old map remastered

Always with a view to returning to the basics of the license, Battlefield 2042 will continue to rework its cards, as was already the case for a few like Manifesto and Rupture in Season 3. The objective here is to offer more visceral and especially more dilapidated playgrounds, just to accentuate the sensation of total war and above all to offer new gameplay options to players.

As a bonus, the studio announces the great return of an iconic map from Battlefield 4. Although it is still kept secret, DICE informs us that the map will be completely reworked to be consistent with the time in which 2042 takes place. nature will therefore have regained its rights and we can expect a whole host of changes. A tribute card that will once again serve as a reminder of old Battlefield experiences. A way for the studio to affirm that an overhaul of the game is underway and thata return to basics and is already programmed.

Battlefield 2042 map revamp
Total overhaul for the frozen map of BF 2042

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