Batman: the return of the great Michael Keaton compromised?

Batman: the return of the great Michael Keaton compromised?

DC Studios’ MCU-style plan is underway and Batman will be one of the main players in this project. But now, a Dark Knight could be left out of the equation.

Warner more sure of his shot with Michael Keaton in Batman?

Michael Keaton, the actor who best embodies Batou according to fans with Kevin Conroy, had signed to make his comeback in several films. HBO Max’s Batgirl project that no longer exists and The Flashwhich is struggling to materialize because of Ezra Miller’s escapades, and where he should have shared the film set with Ben Affleck.

While David Zaslav, Chairman of Warner, expressed confidence in his long-term plans for the DC Universe with the arrival of James Gunn and Peter Safran, he also said that“there won’t be four Batmans”. A sentence that may have gone unnoticed but which would be heavy with meaning.

Adam Chitwood, journalist for The Wrap, thinks that Michael Keaton is being erased little by little and pushed aside by Warner… in favor of Ben Affleck in particular.

Between that, the cancellation of Batgirl (in which Keaton played) and the reshoots ofAquaman 2a scene of which was refilmed on purpose to replace Keaton with Affleck, it looks like they’re backtracking on Michael Keaton’s triumphant return as the masked hero.

Adam Chitwood on Twitter (via premiere).

A draft of Ben Affleck to avoid confusion?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the presence of Michael Keaton in Batman in Aquaman 2 would have disturbed the test audience.

Multiple sources reveal that Keaton shot a scene for Aquaman and the Lost Realm, but in test screenings she made the audience confused, people didn’t understand what her Batman was doing in that universe. It must be said thatAquaman 2 would normally come out after The Flash, in which Keaton’s return would have been explained. But last week, Jason Momoa revealed that Ben Affleck was filming a scene as Bruce Wayne, suggesting that Keaton has been replaced by the latter in the character’s costume.

The Hollywood Reporter through Premiere.

In the next few years, there will therefore be The Batman 2 with Robert Pattinson as a vigilante, the comeback of Ben Affleck and then? The legendary Keanu Reeves would love the costume if it were offered to him.

And Christian Bale? He would return on the condition that Christopher Nolan be the director. Is it possible ? It may just be a coincidence but Nolan and Spielberg had lunch with David Zaslav and Peter Safran very recently…

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