Batman: Christian Bale ready to put on the costume on one condition

Batman: Christian Bale ready to put on the costume on one condition

Christian Bale revealed that he would only return as Batman if director Christopher Nolan asked him to reprise his role. It was during an interview with comic book that we were able to learn the news and that the actor was able to express himself.

An open door for a Batman with Christian Bale

Despite several projects involving several Batman actors, no attempt has been made to bring Bale back into his role, but the actor explains:

No no no. Nobody, nobody’s reaching out to me for the role of Batman

For me, it would be a matter of Chris Nolan, if he decided to do it again and if he chose to come back to me, then yes, I would consider it because it was still our pact between us. We thought we would only do three. And I thought I would only do it with Chris.

What if?

Certainly, no project is in the pipeline but the actor keeps a new door. And that is of paramount importance. It’s hard to imagine Bale coming back since Pattinson takes the role but after all, why not? When we see what is happening on the side of Marvel with Spiderman. We can potentially imagine the cohabitation of several versions of Batman with different artistic directions.

Would you like to see Christian Bale back for one final Batman movie? Or do you prefer to continue on the current momentum and keep only Robert Pattinson for the role?

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