Batman Beyond: sad news for Keaton’s Batman

Batman Beyond: sad news for Keaton's Batman

According to a recent rumor, Batman Beyond may not see the light of day. Bad news for Keaton fans.

Warning RUMOR. Despite the quality of the various films Batman For over a decade, Michael Keaton’s portrayal of the Dark Knight has clearly remained in the hearts of fans. Officially a movie Batman Beyond with the actor’s return was never announced, but it’s long been clear that it’s something fans wanted and was obviously in the works at Warner.

Batman Beyond, no more movies on the way?

However, since James Gunn and Peter Safran are the co-CEOs of DC Studios to set up the DCU, things are in serious flux internally. As was the case with the announcement of the cancellation of Wonder Woman 3 by Patty Jenkins. The same is true for the potential Batman Beyond which would simply have been cancelled.

FYI @TheInSneider, the Michael Keaton “solo” Batman movie you refer to that Christina Hodson was writing, was actually the BATMAN BEYOND movie.

Indeed, according to the film journalist Umberto González from the news site The Wrap, the famous film Batman Beyond is buried. It must be said that despite the exciting side of such a project, it could have undermined the coherence of the DCU that James Gunn and Peter Safran want to establish. It’s hard to imagine several versions of Batman at the same time in the cinema, especially since if Henry Cavill resumes his role as Superman, it will be necessary to justify the absence of Ben Affleck.

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