Batman Beyond: a romance that fans would have loved

Batman Beyond: a romance that fans would have loved

We’re going from bad news to bad news with the Batman Beyond project. Nothing that will console the hearts of the fans in any case.

As we mentioned in this news, the project Batman Beyond which was intended to feature an older Batman, played by Michael Keaton himself, seems to have been cancelled. If the information already came from the very serious newspaper The Wrapnow that The Hollywood Reporter also comes to put his two cents in it.

THE romance fans wanted in Batman Beyond

Thus, the film Batman Beyond was intended to resuscitate the romance between the Michael Keaton’s Batman and Catwoman (without really knowing if Michelle Pfeiffer would be back or not).

The canceled film “BATMAN BEYOND” would have included a romance between Michael Keaton’s Batman and Michelle Pfieffer’s Catwoman.

Obviously Christina Hodson, the screenwriter of Birds of Prey , Batgirl and The Flash presented “successfully” the film Batman Beyond at Warner Bros. Pictures. The Hollywood Reporter even also notes that Warner executives were enthusiastic about the script until he was told to quit two weeks after Gunn and Safran took over DC Studios. In short, a dirty story which is all the same very sad, especially when you know how much the spectators have tenderness for the universe of Batman which was established by Tim Burton.

Would you have liked to see Keaton back in the role of Batman but also and above all in the same vein the actress Michelle Pfieffer in the role of Catwoman?

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