Batman Arkham City Surpasses Gotham Knights with this amazing mod

Batman Arkham City Surpasses Gotham Knights with this amazing mod

At its output, Gotham Knights has largely been put in direct competition with Rocksteady’s games, especially on the graphic and artistic level. Many fans then pointed out that Gotham Knights seemed far too “smooth” and “clean” compared to its big brothers. Everyone will decide what they think about it, but this new Batman Arkham City mod, on the other hand, should certainly make everyone agree.

Batman Arkham City looking better than ever

We’ve always known it, modders are overwhelmed with ingenuity and creativity when it comes to creating little nuggets for their favorite games. Among them, we find GPUnity and Neato, two modders particularly active and renowned within the community that revolves around Batman Arkham. The duo had already made a name for themselves with the impressive mod Asylum Rebornfor Batman Arkham Asylum in 2017. They return today for another tour de force on Batman Arkham City this time.

This new mod dubbed Arkham City Redux includes over 1000 hand-redrawn and AI-refined textures, reworked shadows, improved FOV, and a whole bunch of other visual tweaks. The result impresses and the comparison with Gotham Knights takes on a whole new dimension.

The work of the two modders very clearly sublimates the artistic direction of Rocksteady and offers a second life to this Batman Arkham. A series that will have marked more than one player and who also mourns one of his most beautiful voices, the very incarnation of the famous Dark Knight.

If you want to immerse yourself in the saga on PC, and you are interested in the mod, know that you can find it at this address with all the steps to follow for the installation. In the meantime, here we leave you the comparative video shared by GPUnity if you want to take a look.

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