Batman: a big secret of the Joker finally revealed

Despite the years, the sworn enemy of Batman namely the Joker remains very mysterious. But recently the album Flashpoint Beyond just made an interesting revelation.

Warning, this article contains spoilers. FlashpointBeyond #5 (Batman Album)

Since its first appearance in the spring of 1940 in the Batman Comics, the Joker remains an emblematic and mysterious character. What are its origins ? What was his true identity before becoming a criminal mastermind?

The real name of Joker finally revealed thanks to Batman Flashpoint Beyond

If the films and in particular the film Joker of 2019 tried to provide some answers, DC Comics had never really explored the subject in its albums. In the film we know that the name of the Joker is Arthur Fleck but in issue 5 of Flashpoint Beyond #5 we have the right to a completely different version, see instead:

@ DC Comics

The real name of Joker is therefore Jack Oswald White. We learn the news via Martha who forced Psycho-Pirate (a supervillain who has a great knowledge of the multiverse) to reveal what he knew about the world and in particular the identity of the Joker.

Until then, the other name of the Joker was also Jack Napier, at least that’s the identity we know via the Batman from 1989 by Tim Burton. In short, at least DC Comics formalizes the thing for the first time in a comics. All of this should be taken with a grain of salt as DC author Geoff Johns explained that there were 3 Joker in the DCU. What lose the reader and still sow some doubts even if Jack Oswald White seems to be the name of the most charismatic adversary of Batman.

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