Banisher Ghost of the New Eden: the new Don’t Nod (Life is Strange)

Banisher Ghost of the New Eden: the new Don't Nod (Life is Strange)

The French from Don’t Nod (Life is Strange, Vampyr) presented their brand new game at the Games Awards 2022, Banisher Ghost of the New Eden. A sublime first trailer that sets the mood.

Since their debut in 2013 with Remember Me, the Parisian studio has come a long way. After changing its name in 2022 to Don’t Nod and visual identity, the developers of Life is Strange unveil one of their 6 new games in the making, Banisher Ghost of the New Eden.

Life is Strange Creators Reveal Banisher Ghost of the New Eden

After Twin Mirror, Don’t Nod will therefore offer us Banisher Ghost of the New Eden. An action-RPG designed with the support of Focus Entertainment, which takes place in a fantasy universe. Like their previous productions, we are promised a “powerful and intimate storytelling” and “impossible choices that will dramatically impact the history and lives of the people of New Eden whether they are alive or dead”.

The player will embody a couple of ghost hunters

New Eden, 1695. Antea Duarte and Red mac Raith are Banishers. The two lovers have sworn to cast out the spirits that torment the living. Mortally wounded following a disastrous mission, Antea becomes one of those ghosts she hates so much. Desperate, the couple set out to explore the haunted lands of North America, looking for a way to free Antea from her terrible condition.

Immerse yourself in the touching and powerful story of two lovers with an uncertain fate. Unravel all the secrets of an esoteric world ravaged by supernatural creatures and help the desperate communities of New Eden struggling to survive. Combine Antea’s spiritual powers with Red’s arsenal to hunt the souls that haunt the living. Are you willing to corrupt your ghostbuster oath for the sake of a love that has become one of these dead spirits?

As a bonus to the very attractive trailer, we already have an exit window and platforms. It will be for the end of 2023 on PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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