Babylon’s Fall: very bad news for the two remaining players

Very bad news for the community of nine active players of Babylon’s Fall: the game is dead. It’s official. PlatinumGames gives him a reprieve of a few months.

That’s it. Less than one after its chaotic launch, Babylon’s Fall is ready to bow out. PlatinumGames had promised to water twenty players with new content, and that won’t be the case for a very long time.

Babylon’s Fall dead and buried less than a year after launch

Babylon’s Fall is dead, it’s official. The service game from the creators of NieR and Bayonetta has failed to recover from the fiasco of its launch. A few weeks after release, the game was already at rock bottom, with only one active player peaking at around 20 people. The developer did not want to give up so soon, but was finally forced to do so. Babylon’s Fall will close on February 27.

As news never comes alone, the few remaining active players will never be able to take advantage of the big updates provided by PlatinumGames. Season 2 will continue to be active until November 29, 2022 as planned and the final season will start on the same day until the death of Babylon’s Fall. ” To express our gratitude to all our players, but we plan to implement as many events and other initiatives as possible until the end of the service “. Not sure that those who paid €70 for their game when it was released really appreciate the gesture.

Babylon's Fall Players

A moved thought for the two active players

PlatinumGames’ first (and possibly last) game-as-service therefore followed in the footsteps of Anthem and a few other games. A news that devastated the entire gaming community … No, we are joking of course. As its tumultuous beginnings foreshadowed, Babylon’s Fall has long been deserted.

This week alone, the title only peaked at 9 concurrent players, with an overall average of two to three people per day on PC. The few diehards will therefore still have a few months to enjoy the last season. Only Marvel’s Avengers still seems to be able to get its head above water. The title, also doomed to failure, has managed to retain a small community with updates. There will be at least one game-service from Square Enix that will have lasted a little over time.

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