Babylon’s Fall: even resellers throw in the towel

Babylon's Fall: even resellers throw in the towel

Babylon’s Fall wanted to stay strong through thick and thin, even with only one player on the servers, but Square Enix said no. What to do with the unsold then? Offer them! Poisoned gift or real nice gesture? We let you judge.

Babylon’s Fall is free at select stores

By February 27, 2023, it will be the end for Babylon’s Fall and its servers. The two remaining players will have to migrate elsewhere. The promise of the follow-up is partly kept since there will be a season 2 and a season 3, but they will follow each other day by day. ” To express our gratitude to all our players, but we plan to implement as many events and other initiatives as possible until the end of the service “. As for the ideas that PlatinumGames could have for its game, they will sleep in the closet.

The GameStop brand is not going to go with the back of the spoon and will throw away unsold copies. This is videogamedeals (via VGC), the Canadian video game channel, which informed gamers on Twitter. The brand even gave advice: try to go there to get a free copy. And according to a user, it worked:

On the image, we do not see the price but the mention “Destroy” or “Destroy”. An explanation ? Yes, a user learned that stores were instructed to destroy all copies of Babylon’s Fall, and not just dump them. “I called 10 stores last night, they all told me they had destroyed their copies. They didn’t just throw them away, they were instructed to destroy them.”. An order from Square Enix, resellers or both? The story does not say.

For the wink, they could have at least buried them in New Mexico, where ET the Extra-Terrestrial games were buried.

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