Avowed: a first stolen image for the excluded Xbox Series Skyrim-like

Avowed, Obsidian Entertainment’s next big RPG (The Outer Worlds), reveals a new image and behind-the-scenes development info.

Of all the Xbox takeovers, Obsidian Entertainment is definitely one of the most interesting. The developers of the cult Fallout New Vegas are currently working on a brand new franchise, Avowed, which is the victim of a leak.

An in-game image for Avowed

The quality is unfortunately not there but Jez Corden, editor for Windows Central, published an image of Avowed before retracting. But as we keep saying, the Internet saves everything. A cliché that goes in the direction of what we expect: a game in a medieval universe with magic and a first-person view. Did you say Skyrim?

Avowed: a first stolen image for the excluded Xbox Series Skyrim-like

According to rumors, the world of the title, Eora, would be much larger than that of The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim. There would potentially be dynamic weather that would influence scenery elements such as waterways. Like The Outer Worlds, companions would be alongside the player to defeat gigantic monsters. Avowed would also have a dynamic dialogue system and allow the player to kill anything that moves, subject to consequences.

A development that picks up the hair of the beast

The internal reboot of the game also seems to confirm, information shared by Jason Schreier before. Jez Corden said in her deleted tweet:

They changed the team and the creative directors, but with the result of having a better rhythm of development and a better vision. The first vertical slice (nldr: a presentation that aims to demonstrate the intentions of a studio) under this new direction arrived much faster. The direction of the game has changed in a good way, I think, and I’ll talk about that someday.

The release date on Xbox Series X|S and PC is not for tomorrow.

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