Avatar 2: with this new record, James Cameron achieves the impossible

Avatar 2: with this new record, James Cameron achieves the impossible

The latest update on the worldwide box office ofAvatar 2: The Waterway is final. James Cameron breaks all records and surpasses all other Hollywood directors.

James Cameron once again enters the history of cinema with Avatar 2: The Waterway. Big numbers.

Like Jack, Cameron is king of the world with Avatar 2

Despite extreme conditions in the United States, Americans and the world for that matter flocked to the dark rooms to see Avatar 2: The Waterway. Result ? Full house with more than 1.5 billion dollars collected, which means that the film has now returned to its costs and it becomes the 10th most profitable feature film of all time. It had exceeded one billion in just 14 days compared to 19 for the first part.

Over the New Year weekend, attendance for the film did not drop one iota on American soil and even increased by 42% in China. A rise in power that brought down Top Gun Maverick from his pedestal at home, beating him by more than 2 million spectators.

Who benefits from this incredible performance? To the firm with the big ears, to those who love the franchise because the sequels ofAvatar will logically come out for sure, and to filmmaker James Cameron. He is the first and therefore the only director to have had three films (Avatar, Titanic and Avatar 2) which exceeded 1.5 billion in revenue worldwide. The enormous pressure induced by the pharaonic budget must have fallen well with these figures, especially since the operation is far from over, and it will most certainly come out later as Top Gun Maverick, and all the money left over from the products Avatar current and future (blu-ray, figurines…).

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