Avatar 2: why 13 years of waiting between the two films?

Avatar 2: why 13 years of waiting between the two films?

It’s almost the big day. After 13 years of waiting, Avatar 2: The Waterway will be in theaters this Wednesday, December 14. But why such a long delay?

here’s why Avatar 2 took 13 years to come out

With Avatar 2: The Waterway, James Cameron can finally continue the franchise of his life. A project that he had in mind since 1994 and that he only started after having spent more than 10 years refining everything. And it will have taken so long before having the right to a sequel, but why?

Here is the explanation of Jon Landau, producer and faithful collaborator of Cameron:

People keep saying “What took so long? First, four scripts had to be written, which took time. We couldn’t just write one and be satisfied. We had to write the four one after the other. Why was it important? For several reasons. Because we wanted our actors to know where their characters are going, because the decisions they make at the beginning will have an impact in the long run.

Then there were logistical reasons for that in our story. Take the example of children. We know that in real life, children grow up. So if we wanted them to be about the same age in Avatar 3 and 4, we had to shoot them at the same time. So it was very important for us to define these scenarios with a level of requirement for which Jim (note: James Cameron) would be happy to shoot them.

Jon Landau, producer, during an interview for ScreenRant.

A titanic project

These are the reasons, but there are certainly many others that would explain the very late release ofAvatar 2.

An outstanding technician, James Cameron surely waited for technologies to evolve to a sufficiently significant level. In the reviews, extremely positive moreover, many emphasize the quality of the HFR (High Frame Rate) which takes the film from a frame rate per second at 24fps in normal time, to 48fps. It is said that the integration is indeed much better than that of The Hobbit trilogy – yes, it is not difficult – not least because Cameron does not use it constantly.

And overall, it remains a titanic project but mastered from A to Z by the director. For example, he has two teams of artists, “the best of the best”different for creating environments:

We had to create our own version of an underwater fauna and flora that is in the process of destruction. We were inspired by coral reefs, an environment that is familiar to me as I am keen on diving. I wanted to create a universe based on what I know but which has its own life. Nothing religious but a force directed by nature. I reunited with the artists from the first film, the ones I considered the best of the best, the ones I could almost communicate with intuitively. I divided the teams into two, one of them was in charge of the world of Humans and the military, the other was in charge of nature, animals and flora, everything that was the planet Pandora including its inhabitants. So there were two artistic departments, two worlds. They could say things like “My ships will destroy your creatures” or “My creatures will pulverize your machines”. It wasn’t really bad. We had a lot of fun…

Via 20 minutes.

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