Avatar 2: the magic of the film unveiled and explained in video

Avatar 2: the magic of the film unveiled and explained in video

Nothing stops the steamroller Avatar 2: The Waterway who breaks records every day. The franchise creator reveals his main secret: performance captures.

Behind the scenes ofAvatar 2: The Waterway

Director James Cameron has indeed achieved the impossible with Avatar 2: The Waterway, and it’s far from over. In one weekend, this sequel smashed everything again at the global box office, exceeding 1.7 billion dollars in revenue with more than 10 million spectators in France alone.

With this pile of money, the filmmaker will be able to develop the next films serenely.

It looks like I’m not going to be able to get away with it, I’m going to have to do these other sequels. I know what I’m going for in the next six or seven years. We will be having a discussion with Disney executives on the action plan for Avatar 3 which is already in the box – we’ve captured the entire film, we’re currently in post-production to work the CG magic.

Via The Hollywood Reporter.

The performance captures, that’s the subject of the behind-the-scenes video ofAvatar 2. This is a process that records the movements of the actors’ bodies and faces to obtain the most realistic result possible. And in this area, the sequel has taken another leap forward. Apart from Cameron and his producer/lifelong ally Jon Landau, the actors confide in the challenge of such filming, with no real landmark, not even a green background.

There are different ways to create 3D characters. What interests us in performance capture is the whole performance. Physical, emotional, facial, eyes and all. The actor creates the emotion, the moment, and it’s our job to make sure that everything the actor does is preserved in their 3D character.

james cameron.

Sequels Confirmed

Avatar Will 2 do as well or better than the original? This is clearly heading the way with more than 1.7 billion recipes worldwide. At the speed the film is progressing, James Cameron will probably end up occupying the top 3 of the biggest hits of all time, with Avatar and Titanic.

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