Avatar 2: The links between the movie and the game Frontiers of Pandora explained

Avatar 2: The links between the movie and the game Frontiers of Pandora explained

Avatar 2: The Way of the Water and Ubisoft’s Game Avatar : Frontiers of Pandora are linked, the film’s co-producer tells us all.

The adaptations of cinematographic licenses in video games (and vice versa) are legion and generally, if they are inspired by the original material, they have little or no connection with the latter. But for Avatar : Frontiers of Pandora, Ubisoft had to make the game perfectly canon. More so, it will take place during the movie Avatar 2: The way of the water by James Cameron. Warning, Spoiler.

Avatar 2: The Waterway and Frontiers of Pandora are related, but not too much

While Cameron’s next blockbuster has just landed in our dark rooms in mid-December, Ubisoft’s game will take the time to refine itself to ensure its release in 2023 (if all goes well).

Since its announcement, the game has been particularly timid, if not completely silent. We haven’t seen much and we don’t yet know what we’re going to be entitled to. However, Jon Landau, co-producer of the film Avatar 2: The way of the watergave some clues about the plot in the columns of Polygon and notably revealed that the Ubisoft game would indeed be part of the cinematic universe.

Even better, this one would happen during the movie. However, he tempers by suggesting that the game is not essential to enjoy the feature film. As for all stamped productions Avatar, from video games to circus shows (yes there are), Landau and Cameron insist that all adaptations belong to the same universe, but they must necessarily be dissociated from the story of the films. Understand by this that no adaptation has the right to get comfortable with the universe and must imperatively be coherent, but above all must not interfere with what is happening in the feature films.

We don’t want the stories to be told together. This is where we differentiate ourselves from the competition. We want the stories to be unique in each of the areas. But we also want what’s done in other media to become canon in our world. So they can’t do anything that conflicts with our stories.

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In the case of’Avatar Frontiers of Pandora for example, the game will take place on the other side of the planet Pandora, far from where the events of the film will take place, and the game will have a new story. However, it will indeed happen during Avatar 2: The way of the watershortly after the opening of the film.

Frontiers of Pandora takes place on the western border of Pandora. A place we have never been before. It takes place in the period following the opening ofAvatar 2: The Way of the Water, but before the film’s one-year cut.

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A game indeed canon therefore, but totally dissociated from the events of the film. We will therefore follow new characters who will most certainly face an army of humans ready to do anything to take control of the planet. Avatar Frontiers of Pandora was originally expected this year on PS5, Xbox Series and PC, but will not ultimately see the light of day before 2023 or 2024 depending on the publisher. It’s vague, but that’s all we have for now. you will therefore have to be patient.
In parallel, Avatar 2: The way of the water is already showing in our cinemas whileAvatar 3 will follow suit on December 20, 2024.

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