Avatar 2: the future slap is confirmed in dazzling images

Avatar 2: the future slap is confirmed in dazzling images

Waiting to be fixed on the future ofAvatar 2 and the franchise, James Cameron unveils several new images from his film that will amaze you.

Even if James Cameron fears the worst with Avatar 2, the director is moving forward and continuing to promote this long-awaited sequel.

Avatar 2 makes the beauty in pictures

the latest trailer ofAvatar 2 already promised a high-flying visual spectacle, and these four new images are not going to reverse the trend. The two photos on the left of the tweet offer us a glimpse of the aquatic fauna and flora of Pandora. Passionate about diving and exploring the deepest seabed, James Cameron attaches particular importance to water in this second film.

The third photo shows Jake Sully and other Na’vi riding Grand Leonopteryx. The flying mount that allows them to cut through the air and pass between floating mountains. Finally in the last, we witness a visibly serious discussion in a hut between different protagonists of this adventure.

In this sequel, Jake Sully and Ney’tiri have become parents and will be pushed to visit the various corners of Pandora. But as before, humans will still come to spoil their peace and start a war that the blue men and women would have done without.

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