Avatar 2: full card or failure? James Cameron speaks

Avatar 2: full card or failure? James Cameron speaks

Remember, during the first communications around the film, James Cameron had not minced his words when he spoke of the budget of his saga then estimated at several billion dollars. Pharaonic sums that the famous director said he was obliged to absorb as much as possible in order to be able to continue his series of films Avatar. Cameron had then argued that it was necessary thatAvatar 2: The way of the water manages to accumulate 2 billion dollars at the box office to be profitable. But apparently that was wrong.

Avatar 2 will be profitable or not?

Asked about the subject for a Chinese media, James Cameron returned to the subject by saying thatAvatar 2 would finally manage to be profitable only with 1.5 billion dollars, or 500 million less than initially expected. Apparently, the man would have made estimates a bit too broad at the start and he also admits to having been mistaken in declaring that he had been “a little inaccurate”, during his first declarations.

James Cameron criticized, but the sequel is assured

Except that for many, it is quite difficult to be mistaken by several hundred million dollars and some are already accusing the director of having deliberately overestimated the break-even point to push for the exploitation of his film in the cinema and to consumption.

Others meanwhile, believe that this would be an admission of failure on the part of the director who ultimately failed to achieve his objectives and would seek to drown the fish. We remind you that, if the film is a real hit and that it connects records at breakneck speed internationally, Avatar 2 failed to achieve its goals in the US territory when it launched and took a bit of time to take off (on its scale, let it be said, since any other film would have been delighted with the results ).

Anyway, the new breakeven point of 1.5 billion dollars should be reached in a very short time since at the latest news, the film was already at just over 1.4 billion at the box. -office. Which means thatAvatar 3 and 4 should indeed see the light of day as planned.
Avatar 2: The way of the water is now one of the highest-grossing films in the history of cinema, and it continues to climb. It is however difficult to predict if it manages to surpass its elder and its almost 3 billion dollars, but you never know.

And you, have you had the opportunity to see James Cameron’s last big hit?

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