Avatar 2: Director James Cameron prepares for the worst

Avatar 2: Director James Cameron prepares for the worst

Do’Avatar 2: The Way of the Water will do better than its elder which remains the biggest success of all time at the world box office? We’ll find out soon enough, but the first trailer tallied nearly 150 million in one day. A success of course to be put into perspective, which nevertheless shows a certain expectation on the part of the spectators. And besides, it is better that the latter are there.

A colossal repercussion in the event of failure ofAvatar 2

More than 10 years after the theatrical release of the first part, Avatar 2 will finally see the light of day. A titanic project that will be followed by three other feature films… unless this sequence and Avatar 3 crashes at the box office. In this case, the adventure of a lifetime for James Cameron could unfortunately come to an end.

The market could decide that it’s over for us in three months, or almost over. It’s like, “Okay, let’s close the story with the third film, and leave it at that if it’s just not profitable”. Since we wrote these films, the world has changed. There have been two upheavals: the pandemic and the rise of streaming. Or conversely, maybe we’ll manage to remind people what a cinematic experience is. This is the purpose of this film. Now the question is: how many people still give a fuck?

James Cameron during an interview with Total Movie.

One thing is certain, given the latest trailer, Avatar 2 will be at least a visual slap, and who better than the filmmaker behind Abyss to stage aquatic settings? A suite that will also hold surprises, but will that be enough? Answer on December 14, 2022 in dark rooms.

Oh and be prepared, the film will last 3:10 where the first was “only” 2:42.

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