Avatar 2: a breathtaking final trailer before the release

Avatar 2: a breathtaking final trailer before the release

It’s almost there. After thirteen years of waiting, spectators will be able to go to the cinema to discover Avatar 2: The Way of the Water from December 14th.

Avatar 2 dazzling in its final trailer

Coincidence or not, the plot ofAvatar 2 takes place about ten years after that of the first film. Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) and Neytiri (Zoe Saldana) have become parents but their new life will change again. The RDA (Resources Development Administration) is back “with an armada to take back the precious asset they previously lost”.

They will then have to go into exile and find refuge on the reefs where they will be forced to live with the Metkayina clan. which will not be easy due to different customs. The new trailer, the last before the release of the feature film, focuses precisely on this. On the meeting between the two tribes, the sharing of knowledge and their union to face the corporation which still wants to plunder Pandora. We are entitled to a glimpse of the taming of a marine mount and other sublime aquatic shots interspersed with much more eventful sequences. It is clearly visually stunning.

This sequel will bring back a bigger villain, all blue and angry and who, if it fails at the box office, could hasten the end of the franchise sooner than expected.

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