Avatar 2: a box office tackled by the World Cup, where is the record?

Avatar 2: a box office tackled by the World Cup, where is the record?

Avatar 2 The waterway recorded a nice score, but we are far from the record we could have expected.

Avatar 2 The Way of the Water, James Cameron’s event film, has just been released in theaters this Wednesday, December 14 and the first results have just come in. The start at the French box office is solid, but marred by the football World Cup. Fortunately, the rest of the world is there to raise the bar.

Avatar 2 starts strong, but not too much

While France won against Morocco on December 14, James Cameron’s blockbuster invaded our dark rooms with its 3 hours 12 minutes of pure visual delirium. The highly anticipated Avatar 2: The way of the water was also quite shaken up by the prowess of our footballers since if the film got off to a start well above the competition, this first day mainly ended in a semi-failure.

Avatar 2 has indeed managed to register about 250,000 spectators according to the site BoxOfficePro. A very good score, far ahead Ernest and Celestine, the trip to Charabie and its 70,000 seats. However, it is still much less than the first Avatar which had recorded more than 304,000 spectators on its first day. We are therefore far from the long-awaited record. A difference which would be due in particular to the broadcast of the World Cup match France – Morocco on the same day.

However, all is not lost, far from the same, and it’s worth noting that these are only estimates since Disney made the decision not to release the actual numbers until Sunday. We will see it a little more clearly then. Either way, the film should still be a hit, as expected, and it’s already racked up over $15.8 million at the worldwide box office, which isn’t bad at all for a first day.

The film has every interest in walking since James Cameron has literally exploded the piggy bank for his next films and if the money does not quickly replenish the coffers, the latter will have no choice but to stop his license from the third movie that should hit theaters by December 2024 if all goes well.

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