Avatar 2: a box office record, but a big disappointment

Avatar 2: a box office record, but a big disappointment

Avatar 2: The Way of the Water has been showing in almost every cinema in the world since last Wednesday and the first figures have finally come in. Was this first weekend a success? Yes and no.

Avatar 2: The way of the water is certainly THE film event of this end of the year and the guy has all eyes on him as he is out of the ordinary. James Cameron has indeed bet very big on his second opus and must imperatively manage to accumulate no less than 2 billion dollars to make the operation profitable, yes, it is absolutely enormous.

Avatar 2 and his Damocles sword made of greenbacks

In France, the day of launch was rather timid and the film had only registered around 250,000 admissions. It’s a good score of course, but not as good as the first feature film with us. Worldwide, the film had managed to glean no less than 15.8 million dollars.

This Sunday evening, Avatar 2 completes its first launch weekend, an important step which is also an opportunity to take stock, and the result is mixed.
At the time his lines are written, Avatar 2 recorded approximately $435.5 million, including $300.5 million internationally. A beautiful record well above the first film which was around 278 million for the same period.

However, on American territory, the disappointment is very great. The film only made 135 million dollars, which is far from the expected 150-170 million. Although here too the figures clearly exceed those ofAvatar (2009) and its 77 million dollars, Avatar 2 is a far cry from monsters from the Marvel stable like Dr Strange 2 or more recently Black Panther 2 who respectively amassed 187 and 181 million dollars on American soil.

However, nothing is yet lost for Avatar 2: The way of the water since everything should quickly explode. The world cup is over and the latest blockbusters have mostly exploded shortly after release. As a bonus, James Cameron’s film can boast of being a small success, most of the reviews are very good as are the majority of spectators’ feedback. We will now have to wait a few weeks to have the final verdict and to know if we will have the right to the other feature films planned or if everything will stop with Avatar 3 next year. Something which, we recall, could happen if Avatar 2: The way of the water fails in its quest for profitability. James Cameron must be having some sweats.

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