Attack on Titan: finally an impressive and… free game!

Attack on Titan: finally an impressive and... free game!

If you enjoy Attack on Titan, then this fan work should appeal to you. Indeed an independent developer offers a free game, explanations.

The manga and anime Attack on Titans (or SNK for purists) therefore offers itself a titanic project (it is the case to say it) from a fan whose video game adaptations were not enough. The project bears the sweet name of Swammy’s AOT fan game.

A video of the game Attack on Titan that impresses

It is in particular this video available on Twitter (but also Tiktok) which is breaking the internet even if the game has been available for some time now:

This guy developed his own free game based on Attack on Titan in just over a year… you can fight titans, train, sandbox and speedrun.

It now has over 10 million downloads!

Last June, Swammy published a video on Youtube by telling the backstage of the creation of this project which had started in 2021. With extremely positive feedback from players and millions of downloads, the man in question is surprised by this dazzling success. It must be said that in just a few months, he has developed a multiplayer mode, improved the gameplay as well as the graphics and made many animations. He even ported his game to mobile via Android.

It’s all the more impressive when you know the time that some studios take to realize projects that are sometimes less convincing (and we’re not talking about SNK specifically here). If you also want to fight titan scum for free, you can go tor the official page Swammy’s SNK project.

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