Atomic Heart: ultra nervous gameplay for the dystopian FPS

Atomic Heart: ultra nervous gameplay for the dystopian FPS

Until now, the FPS Atomic Heart certainly seemed quite fast in its gameplay but the new Game Awards trailer seems to take a new step. Clearly if you’re looking for a calm and composed game, you don’t seem to be the priority target.

Atomic Heart makes your head spin

It is enough to take a look above to realize how much Atomic Heart seems completely uninhibited and particularly nervous, fast-FPS style like in the good old days. Combat at a distance but also in hand-to-hand combat in the middle of a region of the USSR plagued by killer robots, a utopia style that goes wrong? The game has all the cards in hand to become a monument of the genre. A little like Bioshock in its time but with a touch of adrenaline and without necessarily the slightly horrifying dark side.

For memory, Atomic Heart takes place in the Soviet Union in an alternate reality where technologies like the Internet, holograms and robots have already been invented, as far back as the 1960s. The main protagonist is a KGB agent who has been sent by the government to investigate on a manufacturing plant that no longer gives news.

In addition to the traditional AK-47 and the Makarov pistol, we will note a whole retro-futuristic arsenal of the most beautiful effect. It remains to be seen now if the game will be as good as it looks on video.

The game will be available February 21 on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox Series.

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