Atomic Heart: Soviet Bioshock X Fallout has bad news

Atomic Heart: Soviet Bioshock X Fallout has bad news

Atomic Heart, which mixes several influences (Bioshock, Stalker, Fallout…), has found its publisher and it is in French. Unfortunately, this sensational game also has some bad news.

The more time passes, the more Atomic Heart increases the hype among players. The latest gameplay trailer was all the rage. Well you’re going to have to be patient.

Atomic Heart postponed, Focus Entertainment will edit the game

Double news for Atomic Heart. We start with the bad one: the postponement of the game. From a wave of 2022, we go to an exit ” this winter “. The independent title will therefore be released between December 21, 2022 and March 20, 2023. If the extracts of the software speak for themselves, the Mundfish studio receives a big boost. Focus Entertainment (A Plague Tale Requiem, Evil West…) will be the publisher of the game.

A major step for independent developers.

When we founded the studio five years ago, we set ourselves the goal of creating a world-class game that could be enjoyed by millions of gamers around the world. Today, when the stakes are higher than ever, we are finally ready to reveal everything we have been preparing for all these years. We couldn’t be happier to prepare for the release with such an experienced publisher, and we have no doubt that Focus Entertainment has a truly exceptional release for the game.

Robert Bagratuni, CEO of Mundfish.

Atomic Heart, which draws from Bioshock, Stalker and other big atmosphere FPS, will be available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC.

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