At its lowest, Battlefield 2042 remains more popular thanHalo Infinity

Would Battlefield 2042 Season 1 Do The Game Any Good? The FPS of DICE goes up the slope on Steam. The number of players is now even greater than the multiplayer of Halo Infinity.

Time for the comeback for Battlefield 2042? Let’s not cry victory too quickly but the number of players observed on Steam shows interest in the community. It even manages to overtake another FPS which struggles to fully convince.

Battlefield 2042 stronger thanHalo Infinity

If the content of Battlefield 20242 has been impoverished over the weeks, surprisingly, the number of players is stable and even increasing on Steam. It’s the insider Tom Henderson who noticed this and suggests Season 1 may have had something to do with it.

As of this writing, BF 2042 has had 6,460 players over the past 45 minutes, 6,732 over the past 24 hours, and an overall peak (since release) of 100,590 concurrently.

Number of concurrent players for Battlefield 2042 on Steam.

On the current day, it is three times more thanHalo Infinite which is at 2,189 players only or even over the last 24 hours when the 343 Industries game has accumulated 5,299 players. On the other hand, on the total peak never observed, Battlefield 2042 is literally pulverized by Halo Infinite with 256,619 on the counter. The attraction of free to play at launch?

Number of simultaneous players for Halo infinite on Steam.

Two FPS in turmoil

Even if it is necessary to nuance, the comparison is interesting because we have here two games which suffer from a complicated development and criticisms with common points, like a disappointing content and a communication difficult to accept by the players.

The next few months will certainly be crucial for the future of Battlefield 2042, although EA has moved on from rumors of the hallway. The most important thing for the publisher is Battlefield 7 and its future “exceptional” solo.

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