Asterix and Obelix: the beautiful trailer for the Gallic blockbuster is here

Asterix and Obelix: the beautiful trailer for the Gallic blockbuster is here

On the occasion of the new year, the next highly anticipated Asterix film is getting a very nice trailer.

Movies Asterix are always eagerly awaited in France, and the next episodeMiddle Kingdom is no exception to the rule despite the sometimes dubious quality of previous episodes. Indeed, after two successful first films, the quality of the feature films is a bit up and down. Guillaume Canet’s film is therefore expected at the turn.

Direction China for Asterix and Obelix

For this new episode we can say goodbye to the game of the unbeatable Gerard Depardieu in the role of Obelix with this time the presence of Gilles Lellouche, who seems, it must be said, quite convincing in the trailer. In general, we feel through these 2min of video that there is great attention to detail and a fairly large budget. For the rest of the cast besides Guillaume Canet who has the double role of director and role of Asterix we find:

  • Vincent Cassel (Caesar)
  • Jonathan Cohen (Graindemais)
  • Marion Cotillard (Cleopatra)
  • Julie Chen (Princess Fu Yi)
  • Leanna Chea (Tat Han)
  • Jose Garcia (Biopix)
  • Manu Payet (Ri Qi Qi)
  • Ramzy Bedia (Epidemais)
  • Bun-Hay Mean (Deng Tsin Qin)
  • Linh-Dan Pham (The Empress)
  • Tran Vu Tran (Prince Du Deng)
  • Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Antivirus)
  • Pierre Richard (Panoramix)
  • Philippe Katerine (Insurancetourix Le Barde)
  • Jerome Commander (Abraracourcix The Chief)
  • Audrey Lamy (Bonemine)
  • Franck Gastambide (Red Beard)
  • Vincent Desagnat (Perfidus)
  • Orelsan (Titanix)
  • Laura Felpin (Carioca)
  • Issa Doumbia (Baba)
  • Thomas VDB (Sinus)
  • Marc Fraize (Plexus)
  • Bigflo (Abdelmalix)
  • Oli (Toufix)
  • Carlito (Una)
  • Mcfly (Radius)
  • Yann Papin (bus shelter)
  • Angela (Falbala)
  • M (Remix)
  • Chicandier (Ordralfabetix)
  • Gérard Darmon (The Narrator)

A 5-star French cast therefore even with the presence of an international star in the person of Zlatan Ibrahimovic. It is the first live-action film based on an original story with a budget of 65 million euros.

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