As Dusk Falls: the ultra-promising narrative game by a former Quantic Dream

As Dusk Falls: the ultra-promising narrative game by a former Quantic Dream

After a difficult break with SEGA, the Interior Night studio announced As Dusk Falls an Xbox console exclusive. The hat game by Quantic Dream veteran Caroline Marchal came to redo the presentations at Summer Game Fest 2022.

As Dusk Falls, a narrative game with a pretty aesthetic

The Tribeca Games Spotlight gave pride of place to games with strong narratives and indie titles. First game from the studio of Quantic Dream spawn, As Dusk Falls was naturally invited to the festivities. The narrative game follows the story of two families residing in a small town in Arizona whose trajectories will intersect for more than thirty years. On the one hand, the Walkers, a loving family and all that is most ordinary, and on the other, the Holts, who have a tough life. Their destiny will cross during a robbery that will go wrong.

We will play several characters in turn, including Vince Walker, a rather good-natured father and his daughter Zoe who begins the story at 6 years old before reaching majority. Jay Holt meanwhile will bring a more withdrawn vision of the family with a complicated past. A title that will explore strong themes, such as sacrifice, resilience, betrayal and legacy.

While waiting for an official video, we give you the livestream sequence

Narrative game requires, the choices made by the players will have an impact sometimes direct, sometimes more discreet on the scenario and all the characters. We will probably have to wait for the Xbox Games Showcase this Sunday evening to see more about the gameplay. In any case, As Dusk Falls immediately catches the eye with its unique visual style, mixing hand-painted characters and 3D environments. The game is scheduled for an undetermined date on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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