Army of the Dead: Have you noticed this connection with Army of the Dead?


“Army of the Dead” is currently a hit on Netflix. Zack Snyder’s latest film allows him to go back to his basics: the zombie movie. If “Army of the Dead” and “The Army of the Dead” are officially not connected, there is however an easter egg which affirms the opposite.

Army of the Dead : the new film by Zack Snyder

Released on May 21 on Netflix, Army of the Dead is already one of the ten biggest cinematographic successes of the platform. Notably worn by Dave Bautista, The feature film marks Zack Snyder’s return to the zombie movie. Indeed, his very first feature film was already based on this style, and quickly became a classic of the genre. In 2004, the director signed Army of the dead. A huge classic of the genre, fairly free remake of Zombie of Romero, who had brought in more than $ 102 million in box office revenue.

Army of the Dead © Netflix

And if the two films have the same title, they only have in common the zombies. Zack Snyder confirmed that his two works were not from the same universe. Yet a discreet easter egg might indicate otherwise.

A smart easter egg

The Easter egg in question was recently shared by the Twitter account. Movies That Maher. In it, we can see a news article on the phone of a character checking out the latest news regarding the zombie outbreak affecting the United States. The article in question indicates that an epidemic of the same type took place in 2004 (release date from Army of the dead Editor’s note) in Wisconsin (where the events of the first film take place):

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