Armored Core 6: the return to basics promises to be epic, a ton of info

Armored Core 6: the return to basics promises to be epic, a ton of info

FromSoftware gives us some information about Armored Core 6 and it already promises to be very heavy.

Before Dark Souls 3, Bloodborne and Elden Ring, FromSoftware was best known for its Armored Core franchise, a series of action games packed with giant robots. Although The Game Awards were marked by the presentation of the ultimate award to Elden RingFromSoftware also made the show with the very first presentation of its Armored Core 6, the highly anticipated sequel to one of its most cult sagas.

If Armored Core is less popular than Soulsbornes, the license is nonetheless rooted in the video game landscape in addition to having a very large number of fans around the world. Asked by IGNHidetaka Miyazaki, mastermind of FromSoftware, and Masaru Yamamura, one of his second now in charge of Armored Core 6, spoke about their next big game.

Before literally exploding in the eyes of the world with his Dark Souls series, Miyazaki was project director on the Armored Core series around 2004. The sixth opus, expected next year, will therefore mark a real return to basics for the developer. , but also for the entire studio, which will thus be able to refocus and not get lost on the path to success, as Miyazaki himself points out. However, it is not he who will take care of the project, but Masaru Yamamura, a veteran of the studio who has already officiated on several Souls in the past.

Armored Core 6 will mark a real return to basics

Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon should therefore see the light of day in 2023 and will tell us a whole new story. We will be sent to Rubicon 3, a planet very far from our system, where corporations and other big companies fight for resources. This will obviously result in a real total war, and a planet in the grip of the apocalypse. True/false reboot, the game will take up the main features of previous games, without being directly linked to them.

We prefer to see the game as a completely new story. There are no direct links to previous episodes in terms of story. This is a whole new setting and a whole new story for players.

A totally new story that will be played entirely in the third person. Armored Core obliges, you can customize your mecha from weapons to engine, through bodywork and system parameters. The developers also reveal that the game will have a substantial arsenal ranging from simple guns to extremely heavy weapons such as shells, missiles and very large melee weapons.

You can change a lot of things when assembling your robot. It will look like what you know from previous Armored Core games. There will be a wide variety of different parts that you can swap to different parts of your mech. You will also be able to adjust these parts, weapons and general parameters of your machine according to your style of play, by modifying for example the performance of various parts according to how you want to approach each mission and each battle. It’s kind of the equivalent of a classic RPG progression in Armored Core 6.

The developers point out, for example, that it will be possible to modify the mobility of its robot to make it a real, fairly slow tank, or on the contrary, a very fast mecha capable of flying and propelling itself quickly through the air. Quite a program.

The best games are made in old robots

If we are to believe Fromsoftware, as in the past, creating a real war machine will be mandatory to survive against the onslaught of our adversaries. We also learn thatArmored Core 6 will be mainly solo oriented, although we can count on some features and online game modes, the studio will also reveal more a little later, but there is mention of cooperative and competitive modes.

Far from the freedom of a Elden Ring, Armored Core 6 will opt instead for a semi-linear structure in the form of missions. So old fashioned. Miyazaki emphasizes that this new episode will reconnect with the old episodes and will take advantage of all the experience and all the modern means that FromSoftware now has.

The main direction that we have chosen with this Armored Core VI is to go back and really study the basic concept of Armored Core and what made this series so special at the time. So we wanted to take over the assembly, creation and customization aspect of your own mecha, and then be able to offer good piloting sensations. So we wanted to take these two basic concepts and re-examine them in our modern environment. This means that we have taken our know-how and experiences gained from games over the past few years, and applied them to the development of Armored Core VI, however keeping the core concepts and nature of Armored Core.


An Armored Core that is both modern and old school, but which could also tend towards souls-like if we are to believe this statement. However, the studio quickly tempered by claiming to want to create a new game, far from the mechanics of its previous games, although many things will still be inspired by it, starting with the bosses and certain combat mechanics. In any case, the return of Armored Core promises to be done with a bang.

Can’t wait to see more?

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