Armored Core 6: difficulty, gameplay… a Elden Ring with robots?

Armored Core 6: difficulty, gameplay... a Elden Ring with robots?

For years, FromSoftware has had only one genre of games under its belt: the demanding RPG. Whether you are embarked on a fantasized feudal Japan, in a very dark Lovecraftian hometown or in a universe of dark fantasy, a soulsborne remains a soulsborne. And that’s not a bad thing, since the Japanese studio has given us real masterpieces, from Dark Souls to Bloodborne to the GOTY 2022 that is Elden Ring through Sekiro. But wouldn’t Armored Core 6 be an opportunity to change a little style?

Always in the columns ofIGNthe great Hidetaka Miyazaki and the director ofCA 6Masaru Yamamura, returned to the story of the next game of the license, but also and above all, to its orientation, its difficulty, and its gameplay.

Armored Core 6 will not be a Souls-like, but…

As we previously reported, FromSoftware figurehead Hidetaka Miyazaki claimed thatArmored Core 6 would benefit from the experience and all the modern means now available to the studio. After several years of developing soul-like songs, Miyazaki explains, however, thatArmored Core VI will clearly not have the same structure nor the same gameplay as its previous productions. That is not and never was the goal with this license and it never will be. On the other hand, it is inspired by it, it is undeniable.

According to the developers, Armored Core 6 should be an extremely nervous and particularly violent game. The war between mechas is likely to put us full of peepers. Based on its extensive experience in intense combat, FromSoftware promises epic and dynamic boss fights, where reading the movements of your opponent will once again be essential to make the difference.

Boss battles are the highlight of the game in Armored Core 6. The very essence of battles, in which the player reads the enemy’s moves to defeat, is of course present. This is typical of FromSoftware. In Armored Core 6, your enemies and your own machine are aggressive and violent. We’re developing the game so that players can experience intense, dynamic combat that only mechs can deliver.

via IGN

Additionally, Masaru Yamamura, director ofArmored Core 6 and former lead developer of sekiro, we detail some information about the combat mechanics. Curiously, here, it reminds us of something…

In Armored Core 6, by continuously attacking even the strongest enemy, the impact force can break the opponent’s posture and inflict a large amount of damage, a kind of critical hit. This mechanic can change the tempo of the battle, and when combined with long-range and melee firefights, the enemy and the machine engage violently, creating a very aggressive and dynamic, which only mechs can lead. We think it’s going to create a kind of interesting back-and-forth in the matchups, and create a nice mix of attacking and defensive play.

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… we are still not far

Fans will have noticed, on paper, the combat system looks just like sekiroat least on paper, since in Armored Core 6, other parameters will have to be taken into account, in particular the imposing arsenal of our robot. The game should therefore offer us dynamic combat where we can alternate between ranged confrontations and melee attacks. A promise which, accompanied by angry bosses, could ensure a very good show, as in souls elsewhere.
But as Miyazaki points out, it is above all a trademark of the studio.
So what about the difficulty? Here too, Miyazaki and Yamamura do not hide their inspirations, but temper again. While the game will certainly be demanding, it won’t be as demanding as a Dark Souls or one Elden Ring. It will be very different here, as Masaru Yamamura explains.

With Armored Core 6, we wanted to focus on really intense and challenging robot combat. So we tried to create a real challenge, but that doesn’t mean there will be an equal level of difficulty throughout the game. We wanted to have good tempo changes and a good balance between difficulty and level of challenge. For example, it can vary depending on the type of mission or depending on the type and number of enemies to face. It also depends on how you want to customize your mech. This is an approach that we wanted to have. An approach where it is the player who decides how he wants to approach his missions.

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To reinforce his remarks, Masaru Yamamura also compares Armored Core 6 at sekiro. He explains that sekiro owes most of its difficulty to its gameplay focused on a single combat system, where Armored Core 6 can be approached in different ways in addition to offering a wide range of customizations and optimizations for its robot.
We can therefore finally see in it a certain form of freedom, like what Elden Ring. A difficult but accessible game, the difficulty of which will depend above all on the way we approach it.
Armored Core 6 should therefore have its own mechanics and intends to emancipate itself from the structure of traditional souls-like. On the other hand, the FromSoftware leg should indeed be found in the difficulty, the gameplay and the treatment reserved for the bosses. Basically, we’re not going to lie to each other, it really makes you want to. We are now waiting to see more.

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