Aquaman 2: Jason Momoa shows off his tattoos on set


Filming for “Aquaman 2” will finally begin. While Amber Heard trains hard, Jason Momoa stays relaxed as he flaunts a sketch of his character Arthur Curry tattoo.

Aquaman, the big success of DC

Despite flaws, Aquaman was overall a success. At the box office, the film was a hit with over $ 1 billion at the global box office. On the press side, the feedback was also generally positive. We particularly appreciated the generosity of the feature film proposed by James Wan (see our review). A good appetizer for the King of Atlantis after his introduction to Justice League. Corn Aquaman 2, the continuation of the adventures of Arthur Curry, is long overdue.

Aquaman © Warner Bros.

Aquaman 2, title Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom, could take us to the side of Necrus, the aquatic city from the comics. A simple assumption for the moment since nothing has filtered on the scenario. It must be said that production has barely started, with James Wan still behind the camera. We know that Amber Heard will be back to play Mera. And as the start of filming approached, the actress accelerated her training. We could expect that Jason momoa do the same, but for the moment the actor is pretty cool.

Jason Momoa plays it relaxed

Jason Momoa posted a deceptively innocuous video on his Instagram account. We see him with a guitar in his hand, relaxed, showing the mark on his clothes. He nevertheless lets see Arthur Curry’s famous tattoo (in the movie) at the top of his chest. A tattoo still incomplete when the video is taken. It ends when he returns to his cabin, with a close-up of a sheet of paper with “Arthur” (his character) and “Necrus” written on it. A working title for Aquaman 2 which should confirm our hypothesis mentioned above.

We wouldn’t be surprised if Jason Momoa, Amber Heard or James Wan shared other behind-the-scenes footage from the shoot. Aquaman 2 took a while to get started, but the lights are now green. Always announced for December 14, 2022 in theaters, we won’t have to wait that long to find Jason Momoa. He is indeed present in the casting of Dune, scheduled for September 15, 2021.

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