Appreciated by players, this game is being scammed by scammers

Appreciated by players, this game is being scammed by scammers

The bad reviews Steam can be a formidable weapon like what is currently happening with the game Brok. Sad observation… Explanations!

The grading system Steam can be a real ordeal for developers and a weapon against them even if overall it is a very useful system for the community. Thus Cowcat, the developer behind Brok explains his misadventure with his adventure game.

Ratings Steama real weapon

In fact, it is the combination of the rating and curation system that is problematic. curation lists Steam are user-created and anyone can create them to help people find the next “to buy” game more easily.

The story begins on August 28, just two days after Brok’s release date, Cowcat explains that the game was targeted by some curators Steam with suspicious negative reviews. While many of these curators had hundreds of positive reviews for various other games, some had posted negative reviews specifically about the Brok game. What makes it all suspicious is that many of these curators have only had one negative review to their credit, on the game Brok…

A quick sequence

What is the reason for all this? Well, the developer thinks that this attempt comes from the fact that he allegedly refused to send free codes to requests by mail. In short, a pure and hard revenge without foundation? As he points out in his thread, the inboxes of indie developers are spammed with numerous, sometimes illegitimate requests from scammers who take advantage of situations reselling the keys on dodgy sites.

To avoid this grotesque situation, the Cowcat studio has developed a ploy: namely to send game keys giving access to the prologue for free. Thus, the legitimate testers would only have to send an email to warn of the bug and the impossibility of playing the title in its entirety… Except that it obviously did not please the scammers with a rain of false notes and a totally corrupt curation system.

The silver lining of the case is that Cowcat was able to identify a whole list of questionable curation groups to report to Valve.

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