Apple VR: THE long-awaited product coming soon?

Apple VR: THE long-awaited product coming soon?

After many years of speculation of all kinds, will the VR headset from Apple be coming soon? In any case, this is what a brand new report from the very serious newspaper suggests. Bloomberg and its author Mark Gurman. Indeed, according to the always very well-informed journalist, Apple is preparing to launch its mixed reality headset for fall 2023.

A high-end mixed VR headset for Apple

This high-performance Apple headset is said to be powered by the same M1 chip found in the firm’s MacBook Pro laptops. But the helmet should offer for the occasion a quite extraordinary tailor-made operating system as well as a new Apple Store totally dedicated to mixed reality applications. In addition to this potential exit window, Mark Gurman adds a layer of it by specifying that the veil would be lifted before Apple’s worldwide developer conference next June (2023).

According to him, a small number of developers have already received a test helmet to begin serious development on it. Which can be understood if Apple actually wants a release this fall, it is better to have applications in stock to seduce and attract the consumer.

What type of use?

Before jumping to the ceiling for joy, know all the same that the VR device in question from Apple should focus mainly on productivity applications and casual experiences. So do not expect, at least initially, to see AAA games landing on the device to pierce your retina.

In addition, the product should be quite expensive and ultimately not very accessible for all comers. In any case, we will have to wait a little longer to be able to get our hands on it and understand its real use in everyday life.

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