Apple TV Plus shoots itself in the foot and raises its prices

Apple TV Plus shoots itself in the foot and raises its prices

With inflation it was unfortunately to be expected, Apple TV Plus also raises the price of its subscription and this will disappoint more than one.

Unfortunately, inflation does not only affect iPhones at Apple but also affects the manufacturer’s services, such as Apple TV Plus, which takes a nice slap of an additional 40%. An increase which is all the more surprising as the service had the merit of being the most accessible on the market.

Apple TV Plus raises its prices

Apple TV + which was launched in France in 2019 at an advantageous price, i.e. 4.99 euros, goes fromnow at 6.99 euros. What to give buttons to users with all the same 40% increase. The annual version of the subscription is obviously also affected by going from 49.99 euros to 69 euros. And as an increase never happens alone, the other evolution concerns Apple Music which goes from 9.99 euros to 10.99 euros per month. The family subscription goes from 14.99 to 16.99 euros per month. Finally, the annual subscription goes from 99 euros to 109 euros. In France all prices are increasing but wages are not moving.

It’s interesting to see the big companies raise the prices of services of this type when we know, for example, that Apple published a record turnover of 83 billion dollars for the third quarter, evening 2% more compared to the same quarter of the previous year. Apple’s service will at least have the merit of being cheaper than the competition (Disney+ at 8.99 euros per month and Netflix at 8.99 euros without ads)

What do you think of thisAny price increase for Apple TV services?

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