Apple: the iPhone 14 Pro already the victim of a big bug

Apple’s new iPhones 14 are now available everywhere and some users are already experiencing some rather problematic bugs.

The iPhone 14, which has only been available for a few days, is already the victim of certain bugs. More specifically the Pro version of Apple’s smartphone. It is this one that seems to accumulate the problems in general, some users report slowness problems with the photo application or even problems with the 5G connection. Some even point to less autonomy under iOS 16.

A very curious charge for the iPhone 14 Pro from Apple

Apple iPhone 14 Pro.

We can thus learn as the site reports 9to5mac, that during charging, whether in MagSafe or Lightning, that the iPhone 14 Pro restarts unexpectedly. According to various posts on the forum Reddit this is not an isolated case as one might think and some iPhone 14 Pro Max would restart almost every 10 to 20 minutes during the said charge. For the time being Apple has not communicated on the subject even if obviously the manufacturer has tried to give some solutions without success.

I just got the iPhone 14 Pro and since then noticed that it reboots while charging (magsafe/cable). I can’t find anything online and other than that it works normally. It does not reboot at all when not on the charger. Anyone else having similar issues?

After a few days of frustration I also noticed some sort of pattern, this only happens when the battery charges between 90-95% (mostly 93%) and the phone is idle. (…)

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