Apple: the AR headset should not be accessible to everyone

Apple: the AR headset should not be accessible to everyone

As always, Apple products are very expensive. And it’s not general inflation that will fix things. Wishing to enter the virtual reality headset market, we can already suspect that the manufacturer’s product should be overpriced.

Apple wants a premium product

Journalist Mark Gurman of Bloomberg (always very informed) suggests that the price of the AR headset from Apple should sting and that’s the least we can say:

The price of the helmet itself should be between $2,000 and $3,000, as this is a high-end product that will feature a Mac-level M2 chip, over 10 cameras placed on the exterior and interior of the device, and the highest resolution displays ever offered in a consumer headset.

So certainly it is a helmet for the general public but with a price that may however strongly limit the democratization of this type of product. It’s hard to imagine the average person being able to spend such a sum on an AR headset that has not been very useful for the time being. We will obviously have to wait to see what the Cupertino company will offer in concrete use. Because as much as we can understand the interest of an iPhone or a Mac as much for the moment an AR headset…

For now, the Metaverse project at Meta seems to be at a standstill with the dismissal of 11,000 employees. Let’s hope that Apple does not follow the same path by also wanting to turn to this type of virtual universe which does not seem to really convince the public for the moment.

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