Apple Promo: Amazon offers you a promotional code!

Apple Promo: Amazon offers you a promotional code!

Apple is not only known for the quality of its iPhones and MACs, but also for its excessively high, even exaggerated prices. Thus, finding a promotion on new products from the apple brand is often a godsend!

The promotional code launched by Amazon can be used on Apple gift cards

If you plan to offer an Apple product to one of your loved ones this Christmas, do not rush to buy it, because it is possible to save money thanks to the promotional offer of the moment at Amazon!

Promo code APPLE22LMDvalid until December 18, can save you €10 for every €100 worth of Apple Gift Cards.

How to use Apple Gift Card gift cards?

By accumulating gift cards, you can buy AirPods, an iPhone or even a MacBook at reduced prices. As explained above, for every €100 of gift cards purchased, you will receive €10.

Since the gift cards have no expiry date, you have the option of keeping them while waiting for more interesting promotions. In addition to that, they can be used in France on the official Apple website or in stores.

Note that it is possible to receive the card by physical mail, but also by email to print. Which is effective if you don’t have any gifts yet on Christmas Eve. It is also possible to choose the design of your card and personalize it, to please the person who will receive it.

Also, you can opt for a gift card worth 100 euros or for 4 cards of 25 euros each. It’s a nice option if you plan to give them to several people. But the most important thing is to reach 100 euros in gift cards to be able to take advantage of the offer.

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