Apple: nothing is going right in the main factory

Apple: nothing is going right in the main factory

We knew it wasn’t going well in China in the Apple factories but it’s obviously even worse than we could imagine. The details

Alas, nothing seems to be working out for Apple’s main factory in China. The site, which belongs to the Taiwanese manufacturer Foxconn and employs nearly 200,000 people, is descending into chaos. If we knew that nothing was going, it is visibly worse than expected.

Chaos for the Apple factory

We can therefore learn that several hundred employees of the largest iPhone factory in the world are demonstrating. The local riot police are on the spot and it is clear that the violence is numerous with demonstrators bleeding. Journalists report several images on the subject and it is not pretty to see:

On videos, we can thus see demonstrators from the Apple factory demolishing surveillance cameras or even Covid test cabins. Clearly, the employees reject China’s current health policy and the various quarantines which, as a reminder, force workers to sleep on site, in the workplace.

The thousands of employees at the Foxconn iPhone factory (which benefits Apple) have been cut off from the world for weeks and many say they feel like they are living in a prison. Food shortages are also reported. In short, the chaos is total.

For its part, Apple recognizes that the containment and the health policy of the site cause a slowdown in the production of its subcontractor, which is obviously due to a drop in the manufacture of iPhones. We obviously hope that all this will improve for the factory staff.

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