Apple Car: a not-so-autonomous self-driving car

Apple Car: a not-so-autonomous self-driving car

The famous Apple Car which has been talked about for several years now gives some news. This is what we can learn.

As we know, the Apple Car has been in the boxes for a while at the iPhone manufacturer. But with the multiple postponements and the passage of time, the ambitions seem to be revised downwards. We owe the information to the very serious newspaper Bloomberg.

The Apple Car gives a bit of news

According to them, the Apple Car, which is an autonomous car, should no longer be as autonomous as that. It should have a steering wheel and pedals that will be used to handle it in most situations, as is the case for example for a TESLA. The autopilot mode will obviously be present, but it will be reserved for driving on the highway. The rumored vehicle will offer enough range for you to play games or watch videos on the highway, but will require you to regain control on city streets or in bad weather.

Full Level 5 autonomy for a self-driving car currently doesn’t really exist except in prototypes. And even if Apple solved all the technical challenges involved, the firm could not realistically sell a car of this ilk for many years. And that’s not counting the even stricter European laws in this area. Between Tesla, Ford, Hyundai and Volkswagen, competition will become increasingly tough in the semi-autonomous car market.

Finally, the company would also have postponed the launch of the Apple Car by a year, now 2026.

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