Apex Legends: the studio tired of the behavior of some players

Apex Legends: the studio tired of the behavior of some players

Harassed by some players, Respawn Entertainment (Apex Legends, Star Wars Jedi Survivor) was forced to issue a statement demanding an immediate end to these behaviors.

It is unfortunately more and more frequent but Respawn Entertainment, the developers of Apex Legends and Star Wars Jedi Survivor, joins the circle of studios persecuted by part of the community.

Apex Legends studio uncompromising on harassment

After the serious threats to Bungie (Destiny) and sending pictures of penises to a developer at Santa Monica Studio (God of War Ragnarok), Respawn Entertainment falls victim to similar deeply toxic behaviors. Zero tolerance will be applied. The team also reserves the right to take all necessary measures to punish this harassment.

Recently, we have seen an increase in harassment towards members of our development team. Feedback from the community is welcome. But the line between constructive feedback and harassment of our team cannot be crossed. We would like to remind our players that we have a zero tolerance policy towards threats as well as harassment from our developers. and we will take the necessary measures to ensure the health and safety of our team.

We love to hear feedback and will continue to work with our community. This is to foster a respectful and collaborative environment, and to maintain the competitive integrity of our game.

Respawn Entertainment on Twitter.

Following this release, Respawn Entertainment received support from industry players. Cory Barlog (God of War) used the raised fist and a heart emoji. “To combat toxicity and bullying, we all need to work together to build healthier communities. We are with you in this Respawn effort” said Bungie.

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