Ant-Man 3: a leak reveals the look of the second villain of the film

Ant-Man 3: a leak reveals the look of the second villain of the film

After the first trailer, Ant-Man 3 is leaked. A leak that reveals before the hour the design of one of the villains of the third feature film.

Kang won’t be the only villainAnt Man 3. A toymaker just exposed, before Marvel Studios, the other villain.

Ant-Man 3’s other brain is displayed via a figurine

One of the surprises ofAnt Man 3, which was not featured in the insane trailer released to the public, has been fanned. In this trailer, we only see Nathaniel Richards alias Kang the conqueror. A villain already seen in the Disney+ series Loki and who is played by Jonathan Majors (Creed 3, Lovecraft Country).

But now, he will share the poster with another antagonist of the MCU: MODOK. This simple technician of the AIM organization transformed into a walking brain. What will it look like? We have the right to a very first rendering of his appearance in Ant-Man 3 via a Funko Pop figure. What give an overall idea of ​​his look.

This time, his face will therefore be visibly masked by a golden breastplate. A design created by the artist Anthony Francisco who, among other things, designed the adorable Baby Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy. Working on MODOK for this film was for him one of the best experiences of his life.

I drew MODOK for this movie… It’s huge. It’s one of my best experiences. It was so much fun because it’s one of my favorite characters that I doodled when I was younger, and had Hulk fight. They knew I was going to do justice to the way the character was portrayed in the comics. Kevin Feige really liked my approach and I can’t wait to show it all off.

Anthony Francisco via The Direct.

A villain that we may see again in the new films Avengers with Kang.

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