Android 14 will force you to clean up your apps

Android 14 will force you to clean up your apps

Currently with the current version of Android, Google gives the user a lot of freedom by leaving, for example, the possibility of installing applications that are quite old or considered “at risk”, in particular via the APK system. But alas, that may soon change with Android 14 and the addition of new security rules.

Android 14 will be less forgiving

To improve the security of its users, Google regularly updates the guidelines for developing applications on Android. Recently, for example, each new application or update must explicitly target Android 12, which corresponds to API level 31. The tech giant, specifies that application developers must comply with the rules, if they want that their work is visible on the Google Play Store by those who have a recent Android version.

But soon it could even go further with the arrival of Android version 14. Thus, as the site reports 9to5Google installing apps that are too old would be completely blocked, even through an APK file system or a third-party store. The developer author of this change specifies that he wishes in this way to prevent the download of applications that target older versions of Android to avoid certain protections. Leaving the door open to hacking.

Android 14 is therefore configured to make API requirements stricter, completely blocking the installation of outdated apps. In fact, it could allow Google to block access to illegal apps. In short, the company wants to sound the end of recess on the Google Store. The next update to Google’s mobile OS should be launched in 2023. You still need a compatible smartphone.

What do you think of this new security measure? Do you have old applications that are in danger of disappearing?

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