And if God of War Ragnarok was released on PS1? The video

And if God of War Ragnarok was released on PS1? The video

Demakes are the art of taking a modern game and slapping it with old-school graphics. And they are legion on the Web. God of War Ragnarok, the release of this month of November, was also entitled to it.

God of War Ragnarok in PS1 version, it gives that

After the PS1 covers ofUncharted, The Last of Us and GOW, here is the demake of God of War Ragnarok. We owe it to Jackarte, a youtubeur who usually offers videos of current games but in PlayStation 1 version. On his channel, we can watch reverse remakes for Silent Hill Townfall, Spider-Man No Way Home, The Witcher 3, Skyrim or even Resident Evil Village.

For God of War Ragnarok, he was again inspired by existing sequences such as a meeting between Kratos and Freya or Týr, a scene with the sled and the wolves of Atreus or a fight with a gigantic animal. 4K and ultra-detailed textures have inevitably been abandoned for a more pixelated rendering. It has its charm even if we wouldn’t trade a barrel of this work for the game as presented on PS5 and PS4.

GOW Ragnarok has been out for a week and it’s already a hit. A craze that should allow him to shine during the Game Awards 2022.

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